The Broll Property Group Job Vacancy Application Details

The Broll Property Group Vacancy Application Details.

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The Broll Property Group Jobs Vacancy


Responsible for the assisting in the management of the Property. Assist in ensuring maximum income of Property through effective debtors management. Responsible for collecting monies owing in respect of properties managed by the company. Responsible for performing collection activities associated with various accounts. Reviews accounts, determines probable reasons for account status, and contacts clients to resolve the delinquencies. Utilises various techniques, as circumstances indicate, to promptly collect on accounts. Ensures that the Company’s professional image is maintained.


1. Assumes responsibility for the effective and professional performance of collections functions.

a. Follows up on accounts by telephone, personal contact, and correspondence to secure a satisfactory resolution to the repayment problem. Discusses possible financial arrangements, informs clients of potential legal actions, and suggests financial counseling to arrive at suitable payment arrangements. Continues to collect until the account becomes a write-off, bankruptcy, or attorney account. Makes early contact with tenant to collect and keep them informed of account status.

b. Utilises effective human relations skills and various forms of persuasion to present a positive Company image in an already negative situation. Calms irate clients and answers questions and complaints relevant to Department functions. Determines reasons for delinquencies and works toward permanent solutions. Minimizes losses by early actions.

c. Utilises further appropriate collection methods if initial attempts do not secure required payment. Escalates to client for extensions of due dates.

d. Posts approved extensions and notifies clients of new due date by mail.

e. Performs collections efforts in accordance with Company policies and procedures and ensures they are legally compliant.

2. Assumes responsibility for the efficient administration of collections activities.

a. Keeps accurate and up-to-date activity reports on late, potentially late, and accounts.
b. Documents all collection actions taken, including telephone conversations, alternative financial arrangements, and correspondence on computer.
c. Ensures both monthly and ad-hoc rental and fee statements are sent out timeously.
d. Controls and monitors tenant payments in terms of rentals, deposits, lease fees, etc.
e. Liaises with tenants as appropriate
f. Handles rental queries efficiently and diplomatically
g. Queries tenants’ short payments
h. Ensures the daily receipting and processing of tenant payments
i. Liaises with finance department regarding bank account deposits, queries and mis-allocations
j. Generally ensures that:

  • Rent (and other charges) are paid by the 1st of each month unless specified in lease
  • Letters of demand on the 3rd of each month to defaulting tenants. Recover LOD charge
  • Summons’s are issued as per the legal process
  • Administers legal processes for the recovery of lease charges due and/or eviction of tenants
  • Motivation and processing of write-offs, deposit refunds, etc.

3. Assumes responsibility for timely and accurate preperation and submission of management reports.

a. Preparation of detailed debtors reports illustrating weekly and monthly collections:

  • Weekly/monthly arrears against billings (debtors day calculations)

b. Preparation and submission of attorneys’ reports on all legal matters
c. Daily Receipting on tenant accounts
d. Journal entries and corrections to tenant accounts to ensure updated tenant statements are presented to tenants
e. Reconciliation of tenants’ accounts
f. Collection of monthly unaudited turnover figures to be collected and captured on the system
g. Collection of annual turnover certificates and collate documents for submission to accountants for
calculation purpose
h. Preparation and calculation of annual rates increases
i. Refuse calculation and recovery and other Adhoc recoveries
j. Generate exhibition invoices as and when required and reconcile monthly
4. Assumes responsibility for ensuring that professional business relations are established and maintained with clients and external contacts.

a. Maintains the Company’s professional reputation throughout collections operations and in all contacts with clients

b. Maintains confidentiality

c. Uses shared information to effectively minimize client losses

5. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective communication and coordination with Company personnel.

a. Assists area personnel as needed

b. Keeps management informed of activities, progress toward established objectives, and of any significant problems i.e: risks where tenants are heading towards Business Rescue

c. Attends and participates in meetings as required

d. Assist in compiling management packs

6. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.

a. Stays informed of changes in collections policies, procedures, and related legal requirements

b. Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained as per house keeping policy

c. Dress code must always be professional due to client requiring meetings at any time


1. Arrears KPI: 3%

2. Deadlines are met
3. Tenant queries are handled efficiently and diplomatically
4. Recon turn-around time 48hours, must be 100% accurate
5. Rates/refuse and other recoveries must be 100% accurate
6. Good working relations exist with area personnel and with management


3 Years related experience on a property listed fund

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of collection procedures and related laws and regulations.
Understanding of Company policies, legal jargon, Business Rescue, Liquidation
Familiar with default and enforcement clauses
Interpretation of lease

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Excellent administration abilities.
Able to organise, co-ordinate, and direct team activities.
Good communications and grammar skills.
Able to use all related equipment and computer applications
Time management is imperative
Ability to work well in stressful situations
Ability to work well independently



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