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City Changers Institute student Portal is created for formal and prospective students of City Changers Institute to create an account or log in to perform certain academic actions at ease e.g. City Changers Institute Course Registration, City Changers Institute Fees Payment, Track City Changers Institute  Application form, Staff Portal, e-Learning Portal, Admission Portal/Registration links-Explore, etc.

About City Changers Institute

CCI Professional Pty Ltd is a consulting house that specialises in Industry 4 enabled Human Capital investment strategies.  As the core purpose of the company has always been focused on human actualization and the long term sustainability of organisations, the reason WHY CCI Professional exists can be articulated as follows:

Empowering Leaders to Build Sustainable Organisations

To achieve this outcome, CCI Professional follows an Empirical Research Based Consulting approach that focusses on Organisational Architecture (environment-centric) and Human Capital Crafting (people-centric).  Consequently, it gave rise to the mission of:

Utilising empirically-based consulting methods to evaluate and co-craft optimised organisational environments and human capital solutions.

Do you know that at City Changers Institute Login Portal, you can get City Changers Institute’s latest news, City Changers Institute Scholarships, City Changers Institute  Jobs vacancies, City Changers Institute bursaries, City Changers Institute  Application forms and much more.

How to Login to City Changers Institute  Student Portal

Note that you can visit, access, and download the Application Form at  City Changers Institute using a computer or mobile by following the links provided respectively so you can navigate to your Portal of choice to perform the various academic action you need.

How to Change/Reset Your Login Password

Have you forgotten your password to log in to the profile and/or school portal? Don’t worry, kindly follow these steps to retrieve or change your password:

  1. To start, go to the portal login screen
  2. Next, click on the Forgot/Change Password, fill and enter the required details
  3. Click on submit button

For further details about City Changers Institute student’s login portal, Students may visit their department for any challenge experienced on their profile or during any of the above procedures.


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