A Touch of Love Teasers – December 2021

A Touch of Love Teasers – December 2021

Monday 1 November 2021

Episode 29

Vasundhara is extremely happy to see Dhruv arrive for the prayer. Sakshi criticizes Thapki over the phone when it is in Dhruv’s hand!

Episode 30

Sakshi humiliates Thapki and criticizes her family. Thapki and her family are very saddened and Thapki decides to quit her job. Will Dhruv miss Thapki?

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Episode 31

Dhruv hosts a show so that Thapki is seen in a good light and also invites Sakshi as a guest. Later, Dhruv gets a call from a client who informs him that he prefers Thapki to accompany him instead of Sakshi!

Episode 32

Thapki cries about her feelings to Dhruv and he consoles her by making her laugh. Meanwhile, Aditi questions Thapki about her feelings for Dhruv and Vasundhara is happy to see Dhruv asking Thapki to come home.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 33

Badki and Chutki plan to spoil Thapki’s hard work!

Episode 34

Thapki falls into the water tank while trying to get the spices and gets badly hurt. Aditi and Krishnakanth reach Nimmi’s house and warn Diwakar and his parents to disclose the truth. Chutki and Badki are questioned by Vasundhara about Thapki’s whereabouts.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Episode 35

Dhruv reaches his terrace in search for Thapki and finds her unconscious inside the water tank! Will she be okay?

Episode 36

Thapki thanks Dhruv for taking care of her. In the meantime, Vasundhara prays to God about Dhruv and Thapki’s blossoming relationship. Meanwhile, Chutki questions her husband as to who Bihaan is and Badki tells her to never ask the question again!

Friday 5 November 2021

Episode 37

Bihaan gives everyone in the house gifts and Vasundhara comments about them, upsetting Bihaan. Dhruv and his father get into a heated argument while Vasundhara tries to defuse the situation.

Episode 38

Vasundhara suggests that Dhruv marry Thapki. How will he react?
Monday 8 November 2021

Episode 39

Diwakar and Nimmi ask Thapki to go with them and help shop for a wedding dress. Dhruv asks Thapki if she is coming to the office party.

Episode 40

Sakshi congratulates Dhruv on the 5 years of his channel’s success. Dhruv begins to hallucinate about Thapki wherever he looks. Is he falling in love?

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Episode 41

Badki and Chutki question Vasundhara about which girl she has chosen for Dhruv. Ronny gets everyone in the office to play a game and Dhruv and Thapki are paired together.

Episode 42

Bihaan arrives at the office and Thapki questions him as to who he is. Thapki also meets Diwakar, who tries to force himself on her!

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 43

Thapki manages to free herself from Diwakar who belittles her in front of everyone at the office. Dhruv intervenes and slaps Diwakar and he tries to hit back. A sad Thapki questions God about why nobody loves her and only makes fun of her. Dhruv finds her and overhears this.

Episode 44

Dhruv expresses his feelings to Thapki. Dhruv tells his mother, Vasundhara, that he wants to marry Thapki!

Thursday 11 November 2021

Episode 45

Vasundhara tells Krishnakanth and Poonam about wanting Thapki to marry Dhruv. Meanwhile, Thapki tells her parents that she does not want to marry Dhruv! How will everyone react once they find out?

Episode 46

Thapki hands over her resignation to Dhruv. Will Dhruv let Thapki leave?

Friday 12 November 2021

Episode 47

Dhruv goes to Thapki and tells her that he wants her family to be his family. What will Thapki say to this?

Episode 48

Dhruv tries to convince Thapki and her family to accept him as a part of their family. Sakshi calls Thapki and scolds her and demands that she come to the office as soon as possible. What is Sakshi up to?
Monday 15 November 2021

Episode 49 Part 1

Grandma scolds Vasundhara for not telling her about which girl she selected for Dhruv.

Episode 49 Part 2

Thapki tells Vasundhara that she stutters and it caused her previous wedding to be called off.

Tuesday 16 November 2021

Episode 50

Bihaan asks Badki and Chutki why Vasundhara is allowing Dhruv to marry Thapki. Thapki is worried about the expenses of the marriage.

Episode 51

Badki and Chutki make a list of demands for Thapki’s family. Dhruv tries to ask Thapki how she feels about him. What will Thapki say to Dhruv?

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Episode 52

Vasundhara scolds Badki and Chutki for making the demand list that they prepared for Thapki’s family. Sakshi overhears Dhruv speaking about his feelings for Thapki, believing that he is speaking to her!

Episode 53

Dhruv announces to the office that is going to marry Thapki, and everyone congratulates him. Aditi and the family are shocked to learn that Bihaan is Dhruv’s brother.

Thursday 18 November 2021

Episode 54

Dhruv’s family arrives at Thapki’s house for the Roka wedding ritual. Diwakar is surprised to see Dhruv with Thapki.

Episode 55

Diwakar tells his mother about Thapki’s marriage to Dhruv and Bihaan threatens him. Meanwhile, Dhruv’s grandmother refuses to carry out the shagun ceremony and Thapki tries her best to convince her otherwise.

Friday 19 November 2021

Episode 56

Badki and Chutki reveal to Dhruv and everyone that Vasundhara cannot hear. Thapki talks to herself about Dhruv giving her the best gift in the world.

Episode 57

Poonam is worried about the bad relationship between Dhruv and his father. Vasundhara shouts at Badki for the clock on the wall not showing the correct time.
Monday 22 November 2021

Episode 58

Bihaan kidnaps Thapki!

Episode 59

Shubh informs his parents that Thapki has been kidnapped and they also inform Dhruv’s family. Thapki leaves clues for Dhruv to follow. Will Dhruv be able to get to her in time?

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Episode 60

Bihaan gives Dhruv and Thapki a surprise Bollywood night performance. Dhruv is asked to pay 50 thousand rupees in order to free Thapki from the cage.

Episode 61

Thapki tells Bihaan that she had an argument with Dhruv for the first time and it was because of him.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Episode 62

Sakshi wants to tell Vasundhara the truth about Thapki but gets interrupted by a phone call. She gets drunk and takes her frustration out on Thapki. How badly will things escalate?

Episode 63

Thapki and her family are happy to see Varun. Varun and Kiran get into a heated argument.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Episode 64

Bihaan is worried about losing the ring meant to be given to Thapki’s family. Vasundhara is asked by her mother-in-law to do a prayer for the engagement rings.

Episode 65

Bihaan attempts to exchange the real ring with the fake ring, but Thapki notices his actions. Meanwhile, Dhruv asks Thapki to express and show her feelings!

Friday 26 November 2021

Episode 66

Chutki tells Badki that they need to lose the dance competition so that Thapki does not get her chance to speak.

Episode 67

Dhruv tells Bihaan that he should give gifts to Thapki’s family so that he makes a good impression with them.
Monday 29 November 2021

Episode 68

Aditi gives Shubh a CD to take care of, but something mistakenly happens to it! Meanwhile, Dhruv expresses his feelings for Thapki. How will she react?

Episode 69

Thapki expresses her feelings for Dhruv.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Episode 70

Vasundhara begins to criticize herself for getting Dhruv engaged to a girl who stutters and decides that she no longer wants Thapki to marry Dhruv!

Episode 71

During the mehndi/henna ceremony, Balvinder expresses his joy and happiness that Thapki will become his daughter-in-law. The priest stops the ceremony and announces that Thapki and Dhruv cannot get married!
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